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NBI Material Identifier 32
Particle Descriptor STARBURST (R) PAMAM Dendrimer DNT-189
Investigator / Material Data Contributor: Name Stacey Harper
Investigator / Material Data Contributor: Affiliation Oregon State University
Investigator / Material Data Contributor: Email stacey.harper@oregonstate.edu
Material Type dendrimer
Manufacture Date
Manufacturer Dendritic Nanotechnologies
Synthesis Process
Synthesis Precursors
Types of Impurities
Primary Particle / Material Core Data:
Primary Particle Size: Avg. (nm) G6
Primary Particle Size: Min. (nm)
Primary Particle Size: Max (nm)
Method of Size Measurement
Instrument Used for Size Measurement
Core Shape
Core Structure
Crystal Structure
Core Atomic Composition 1,4-diaminobutane [DAB]
Number of Core Atoms
Mass Core Atoms (ng)
Core Shell / Coating (if present):
Shell Composition poly(amidoamine) [PAMAM]
Shell Surface Shape dendritic
Shell Linkage
Surface Linkages / Ligands (if present):
Outermost Surface Functional Groups amidoethanol
Surface Chemistry Linkage Group / Type
Density of Surface Covered with Ligands (%)
Minimum Number of Ligands
Maximum Nunber of Ligands
Complete Material:
Mass of Core + Shell + Linkages and Ligands (ng)
Surface Area (Core + Shell + Ligands) (mm2)
Method Used to Determine Surface Area
Surface Charge: (positive, negative, neutral) neutral
Surface Charge: Value
Surface Charge: Method
Redox Potential (volts)
Solubility / Dispersity Medium
Maximum Solubility Amount (ppm)
Solubility Reference Temperature (Celsius)
Stability of Dispersions stable
Publication Authors
Publication Year
Publication Journal
Publication Title
Publication DOI